Committee Application Forms

The VESTA Executive appoints members to serve as VESTA representatives to a wide range of committees. We appreciate your willingness to get involved and your commitment to representing VESTA at these meetings. Interested in a particular committee? Print and complete the appropriate CV form below and fax to the VESTA office at 604-873-2652.

2021-2022 Nomination Form for VESTA Executive Committee
VESTA Standing Committees
VESTA Staff Rep Assembly Steering Committee, including Chairperson

2020-21 VSB Ctte Reps List Web Apr 23
Representative to VSB Committees or Other External Organizations

Report from the VESTA Representative on a VSB Committee
VESTA Ad Hoc Committee or Task Force
VESTA (Adult Ed) Ad Hoc Committees or Task Force
(Adult Ed) Rep to VSB Committees or Other External Organizations
2021 – 2022 Nomination for VESTA (AE) Executive Committee

Other Forms

Application for VESTA Mentorship Funds
SLOs in BC Schools: Examining the experiences of BIPOC teachers and students

Project Team Co‐Researcher—Application Form 
Report on lost service due to failure to fill
Collaborative Inquiry Application Form and Guidelines 2021-2022
Temporary Supplemental Application Form and Guidelines 2021-2022
Suggested Self-Directed Pro-D Form

Request for Professional Development VESTA (AE)
TTOC Availability 2018-2019
Loss of Educational Service to Students
2020-2021 BCTF AGM Delegates Form
Standard TOC Information Form
VESTA Members’ Phone-Email Tree
Form A – Staff Reps
Form B – Committee Reps