Committee Application Forms

The VESTA Executive appoints members to serve as VESTA representatives to a wide range of committees. We appreciate your willingness to get involved and your commitment to representing VESTA at these meetings. Interested in a particular committee? Print and complete the appropriate CV form below and fax to the VESTA office at 604-873-2652.

VESTA Executive Committee
VESTA Standing Committees
VESTA Staff Rep Assembly Steering Committee, including Chairperson
Representative to VSB Committees or Other External Organizations
Report Form for the VESTA Representative on a VSB Committee
VESTA Ad Hoc Committee or Task Force
VESTA (Adult Ed) Ad Hoc Committees or Task Force
(Adult Ed) Rep to VSB Committees or Other External Organizations

Collective Agreements

Restored VTF/VSB Collective Agreement Provisions – Supreme Court of Canada Ruling, 2016 November 10

VESTA’s Policy Handbook and Bylaws

VESTA’s Policy Handbook
VESTA’s Bylaws