Working and Learning Conditions

WLC/B Committee Chairperson: Heather Allison

As we head into bargaining in 2011, the WLC/B Committee will be playing an important role in looking at the working & learning conditions in Vancouver schools, suggesting model language for our bargaining team to use, and analysing data that comes in from schools.

The WLC/B Committee is a good place for members who want to use the Collective Agreement and our collective energies to make positive changes in our classrooms.

The WLC/B Committee had its first meeting of the 2009-10 school year on October 26. We had a great turnout. Thank you to all those who volunteered their Monday night to give some attention to important working and learning concerns in the district. Much time was devoted to discussing teachers’ concerns around the lack of SSSW support in their classrooms. Teachers are finding that either they do not have enough SSSW support to begin with, or that the SSSW support that they do have is being eroded due to scheduling difficulties, or lack of replacement SSSWs for absences. The WLC/B Committee will continue to work to improve the working conditions in classrooms in Vancouver.

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