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TTOC Availability 2018-2019


TTOC Committee Chair: Vanessa Lefebvre

Welcome to your place on the VESTA website, VESTA TTOCs! Visit often to keep yourself up-to-date on TTOC-relevant issues.

TTOC Committee meetings are held once a month, 4:00pm at the VESTA office – 2915 Commercial Drive.

2018-2019 TTOC Committee Meeting Dates

Thursday, September 20, 2018
Thursday, October 18th
Thursday, November 15th
Wednesday, December 12th
Thursday, January 17th, 2019
Wednesday, February 13th
Wednesday, March 6th
Thursday, April 11th
Thursday, May 9th
Thursday, June 6th

Get Informed and Involved

The TTOC Committee is always seeking new members! We welcome all TTOCs to attend the monthly TTOC Committee meetings. Whether you have an issue to discuss, want to learn more about upcoming plans, or would just like to hear what other TTOCs are up to, we would love for you to join in. The meetings are casual and friendly and are held at the VESTA office. Our list of accomplishments shows that the TTOC Committee has been able to win many successes for all TTOCs in Vancouver. As you can see in the list of future goals, there is still much to fight for. The TTOC Committee cannot do it alone. Depending on how much time you can spare, feel free to just drop by one meeting or volunteer to contribute on a long-term basis. There are many ways you can help out.


We have proved that TTOCs are not voiceless or powerless in this district. We can make changes if we ask for them and if we work together.

Members making their selections at VESTA’s annual TTOC Swap Meet

  • EI Workshop
  • More flexible SEMS profile system
  • TTOC representative at Metro West Zone meeting.
  • Presentation to board of trustees regarding plight of TTOCs.
  • TTOC Year-End Social
  • TTOC Resource Sharing Day
  • Regular monthly TTOC Committee meetings
  • Regular TOC Talk column in the VESTA News
  • TTOC page on the VESTA web site
  • TOCTalk online staff room for TTOCs

The VESTA Executive has also been strongly supportive of TTOCs. Beyond the regular support they provide to the TTOC Committee, they have also offered:

  • A $1000 professional development fund for TTOCs
  • TTOC professional development workshops at VESTA


Some of our future goals that we need your help to achieve include:

  • Improve communications between TTOCs and between TTOCs and VESTA
  • Abolishing the three-year time limit regarding retention of E status
  • Affordable extended health benefits for TTOCs
  • More professional development opportunities and funds for TTOCs
  • Resource centre for access to teaching resources, photocopiers, etc.
  • Standardizing pertinent TTOC information in classrooms, i.e., TTOC folders, emergency kits, teacher expectations, etc.

Members at the 2016 New Teachers’ Induction
at the VESTA office

VESTA Bulletin Boards

Each school has a bulletin board dedicated to VESTA TTOC information (usually in the staff room). When special TTOC events are advertised, VESTA Staff Reps at each school will post flyers on these bulletin boards. Scan the VESTA bulletin board regularly to catch special TTOC announcements.

Mail Outs and Phone Calls

Make sure that the VESTA office has your current email and mailing addresses and your home phone number. Mail outs such as the VESTA News and TOC newsletters are occasionally sent. In special situations, messages may be relayed by phone.

At the VESTA office

There is always a VESTA executive member in the office happy to answer your questions. The best way to contact a VESTA executive member is by e-mail.

Remember to visit this page often to keep up to date on TTOC-relevant issues. Please tell your TTOC colleagues about this site and encourage them to get informed and involved.


The Practice of Teaching: A handbook for new teachers and TTOCs
BCTF webpage for New Teachers

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