VESTA’s Sustainability Committee hosts a movie night to view “The Clean Bin Project”, a film about consumerism and who can produce the least landfill garbage in an entire year, Jen Grant (far left, back row)

The new Social Justice & Solidarity Committee consolidates the following standing committees: Anti-Poverty, Anti-Racism, Pride, Status of Women and Sustainability under one umbrella to address solidarity and social justice issues. The co-chairs for the Social Justice and Solidarity Committee are: Kavan Johal and Elaine Ong.

The Social Justice & Solidarity Committee strives to work with the sustainability contact at the school level:

  • to encourage environmentally sustainable practices in schools;
  • to communicate with members about topics related to environmental justice;
  • to help VESTA members make links between issues of environmental justice and other social justice issues; and
  • to consider, and potentially design and create projects, professional development opportunities, and lessons aids related to environmental justice topics for the use of VESTA members.

Please join your school’s Social Justice & Solidarity Committee to translate these ideas into action. Feel free to join the committee and/or attend meetings, held once a month, 4pm at the VESTA office.


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