Membership Education and Training

Membership Education and Training Committee Chairperson: Vacant

The Membership Education and Training Committee’s focus centers around the various communications structures in place throughout the organization as well as ways to provide union training and educational opportunities regarding the Collective Agreement.

Our roles and responsibilities as union members and how we can continue to be actively engaged in our governing structures are also key areas of interest for this committee. Some responsibilities of the committee are to examine current communication structures, make recommendations and provide feedback, and explore different communication tools and strategies. This includes looking at VESTA’s communication processes between the membership and the Executive Committee, as well as other external bodies including: the public, the school board, the BCTF, and other locals around the province. The committee is interested in looking at ways to increase and build opportunities for union training and educational opportunities regarding the Collective Agreement for the membership.

This is a new committee and the Terms of Reference will be determined by the committee.

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