Communications Committee

Communications Committee Chairperson: Brenda Koch

Communications Committee Role

The role of our committee is to analyze current communications procedures and to recommend ways to facilitate and improve communication between:

– The membership and the VESTA executive
– VESTA and the Vancouver School Board
– VESTA and the provincial BCTF
– VESTA and other locals of the BCTF
– VESTA and the wider community

Our committee also oversees the organization and use of the VESTA archives, and our committee puts together the VESTA News publication.

As the committee was amalgamated with the Political Action and Public Relations Committee in 1986, issues falling under that umbrella have been folded into our responsibilities as well.

Upcoming Meetings

All VESTA members are welcome to attend and speak at committee meetings. Our meetings take place in the VESTA Office at 2915 Commercial Drive.  We meet one Thursday per month from 4:00-5:30.

Goals of the Committee

To keep the VESTA membership informed, particularly regarding the bargaining process which will begin in 2019.

To establish effective practices regarding VESTA communications. 


If you have any questions or would like to attend a committee meeting, please contact the VESTA office.

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