Executive Committee

The Executive Committee, subject to decisions made and directions set by General Meetings and Staff Rep Assemblies, oversees the business of VESTA, and exercises the powers of the local on behalf of the membership.

Members are elected by the VESTA Annual General Meeting to serve on the Executive Committee for a one-year term. Minutes of all Executive Committee meetings are distributed to all worksites via Staff Reps.

President: Jill Barclay
1st Vice President: Allison Jambor
2nd Vice President: Joanne Sutherland
3rd Vice President: Darren Tereposky
4th Vice President: Jody Polukoshko
Secretary-Treasurer: Leslie Roosa

Adult Ed Sublocal

President: Vacant

Local Reps to the BCTF

Heather Allison
Donna Brack
Anne Miller
Chlöe McKnight

Members at Large

Danielle Durant
Anjum Khan
Patricia Gudlaugson
Sylvia Jackson

Standing Committee Chairpersons

Aboriginal Education: David Delorme
Health & Safety:
Professional Issues: vacant
Social Justice & Solidarity: Jean-Michel Oblette, Elaine Ong, Namorsh Reddy and Béene Savage
Teachers On Call: Vanessa Lefebvre
WLC/Bargaining: Marjorie Dumont and Greg Canning


Area Counsellors: Leslie MacKenzie
Gifted Education:
Pychologists: Larissa Jackson
Speech Language Pathologists: Heba Ghobrial

Events Calendar:

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