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NOW OPEN: 2018 – 2019 Nomination for VESTA (AE) Executive Committee

Nominations are now open for the 2018-2019 VESTA Adult Educators Executive Committee. Please complete the attached form and send to VESTA prior to April 27.

2017 February 24 – AE District Pro-D Day

Adult Educators working in Vancouver have been part of VESTA since 1994 and have a Collective Agreement with the Vancouver Board of Education that is separate from the K-12 bargaining unit.

VESTA provides a part-time Adult Educators sublocal president to augment the support available to all members.


Adult Educators are encouraged to participate in all VESTA Staff Rep Assemblies, General Meetings, Staff Rep Union Trainings, and other events organized by VESTA. One of VESTA’s Local Representative to the BCTF positions is reserved for an Adult Educator member, so that the sub-local’s voice is always guaranteed a spot at BCTF Representative Assemblies and the BCTF Annual General Meeting.


The following members were elected to the 2018-2019 VESTA Adult Ed Sublocal Executive Committee:

President: Hollie Williams
1st Vice President: Allan Haley
District Health & Safety Chair: Stacey Harker
District Pro D Chair: Yanni Hutchinson
AE Local Rep to BCTF: Donna Brack

Staff Reps

Allan Haley (SHEC)
Kyle Kirkwood (SHEC)
Donna Brack (GPEC)


Severance Award
2018-19 AE Executive Committee Nomination Form
2016-17 AE Executive Committee Nomination Form
Educational Leaves Application
Self-directed PD Form
Step 1 Grievance Form
Code of Ethics
Stephen Quinn, CBC Radio, interviews Chris Murphy about funding cuts to Adult Education. (interview begins at 53 minutes into the broadcast)
Thousands of adult students affected by Ministry funding cuts. Please print/copy these handouts and make available to your students.

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