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VESTA Office

Office Staff

2915 Commercial Drive Olga Campeanu
Vancouver, BC Amy Jang
V5N 4C8 Lori Liang
Tel: (604) 873-8378 Vilma Miller
Fax: (604) 873-2652

2016-2017 Executive Committee

President: Chloë McKnight
1st Vice-President: Joanne Sutherland
2nd Vice-President: Heather Allison
3rd Vice-President: Jill Barclay
Secretary Treasurer: Allan Haley
Past President: Dan Graves

Adult Ed Sublocal

President: Hollie Williams

Local Reps to the BCTF

Elisha Bonnis
Donna Brack
Anne Miller
Jody Polukoshko

Members at Large

Elizabeth Bion
Greg Canning
Leslie Roosa
Gloria Roque
Laura Rudland

Committee Chairperson(s)

Aboriginal Ed Committee: Cheryl Beaudry and Jolayne Fournier
Health & Safety Committee: Karin Bernauer
Membership Training & Education Committee: Vacant
Professional Issues Committee: Allison Jambor and Patricia Gudlaugson
Social Justice & Solidarity Committee: Kavan Johal and Elaine Ong
Teachers on Call Committee: Gita Ghoshal and Kevin McPherson
WLC/Bargaining Committee: Chris Murphy


Area Counsellors: Leslie MacKenzie
Learning Support Specialist Teachers: Vacant
Gifted Education: Teresa Milden
Psychologists: Kathy Grimm
Speech Language Pathologists: Heba Ghobrial
Teacher-Librarians: Mary Locke
Technology: Vacant

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