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2915 Commercial Drive Vancouver, BC V5N 4C8

Tel: (604) 873-8378 Fax: (604) 873-2652

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Member Records

2018-2019 Executive Committee

President: Jill Barclay
1st Vice-President: Allison Jambor
2nd Vice-President/Adult Ed Contact: Joanne Sutherland
3rd Vice-President:  Darren Tereposky
4th Vice-President: Jody Polukoshko
Secretary Treasurer: Leslie Roosa

Adult Ed Sublocal

President: vacant

Committee Chairperson(s)

Aboriginal Ed Committee: David Delorme
Communications Committee: Vacant
Health & Safety Committee: Vacant
Professional Issues Committee: Carol Zrymiak
Social Justice & Solidarity Committee: Jean-Michel ObletteElaine Ong, Namorsh Reddy and Béene Savage
Teachers on Call Committee: Vanessa Lefebvre
WLC/Bargaining Committee: Marjorie Dumont and Greg Canning


Area Counsellors: Leslie MacKenzie
Gifted Education: Vacant
LATA: Vacant
Psychologists: Larissa Jackson
Speech Language Pathologists: Heba Ghobrial
Teacher-Librarians: Vacant
Technology: Vacant

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