Please find the links to the BCTF poster (colour poster and black and white poster) supporting the wearing of masks in schools.  It’s very clear that teachers have the right and responsibility to create a culture of mask wearing in schools. 

We continue to be disappointed and frustrated that the PHO has not mandated mask wearing in schools, and we cannot require the wearing of masks by students in our class, but we can create and share positive messaging.  The Vancouver Board of Education passed a motion encouraging the wearing of masks by all staff and students.

Remember that mask wearing is required outside of cohorts when physical distancing is not possible, and students grade 6-12 are required to wear masks in high traffic areas.

You can feel comfortable sharing this poster and putting it up at your worksite.  As with all of our advice, if your administrator directs you to remove it, please do so and then let the VESTA office know as soon as possible.