Teachers know that working conditions and learning conditions are one and the same.
According to Statistics Canada, BC’s per-student funding level is more than $1,800 below the national average. This funding gap is unacceptable in a province as prosperous as BC, where kids have suffered more than 15 years of cuts to services and increased class sizes.
Larger class sizes make it harder for teachers to provide the 1 on 1 attention our students, your children, need. Meeting the needs of each student in a complex class takes time and resources.
After the Supreme Court victory, Vancouver teachers are finally hoping to improve class size and class composition in this round of bargaining.
The current proposals from the NDP government would increase class size in Vancouver classrooms. These are concessions, not changes.
WE NEED YOUR HELP. Call on your MLA and school trustees to invest in public education and take these concessions off the table.
Our kids are worth it!